Monday, May 7, 2007

My Thinking

I support John Edwards unwaveringly because of the following reasons.
A. Our country needs to heal. The way to do that is to have a compassionate leader who understands what that process involves. John and Elizabeth do understand.

B. I believe that poverty, real poverty is ahead for MOST of all America because of the Iraq fiasco, outsourcing, the wealth gap, the lack luster educational system that is teaching students to a test, not to possibility thinking, etc. a la Bush

C. Family values should be what we seek in a candidate. John & Elizabeth represent the highest standards of FAMILY FIRST. John built his parents a home, for heaven's sake!

D. John's views on ending the war NOW, his wide scope health care plan, his views on the environment, his work in fighting poverty, his fundamental values on education, religion, & his views on international inclusiveness by bringing other countries back to friendship with America are but a few reasons why I support his candidacy.

I think that a ticket with John as President and Bill Richardson as veep would be the strongest one Dems could hope for.

There! I have said it. Thanks for the inspiration to put my thinking on paper. Now to write that letter to the editor about the fowl and feathers representative we have in Congress from the 5th district.


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Brain said...

I don't think Richardson is helping himself lately. He needs to step it up in the next round of debates, or he won't even merit consideration for the veep slot. His debate performance a couple of weeks ago was appalling. I think a lot of him, but he has a LOT of work to do.