Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bob Woodruff Exposes Another Government Coverup

The Bob Woodruff special last night, which I thought was just a personal story of his recovery, veered into a government cover-up during the second half of the program. Woodruff's interview with doctors and veteran affairs officials says they were directed not to give numbers and injuries to the press. The government's number of injured in the 23,000's was corrected to 200,000+ by the people he interviewed. That's some correction!!!! Plus they say there are more undiagnosed brain injured soldiers. Is there no end to the cover-ups in this war?

Finally, John Kerry speaks up for himself!

It only took three years to do it, but the JFK who didn't become President is finally standing up to the Swift Boat Veterans for Smearing Democrats. The Naked Emperor nominated one of the Swifties' biggest donors, Sam Fox ($50,000), for the position of ambassador to Belgium.

And guess who's sitting on the commitee that approves the nomination for full Senate advise and consent: poor old John Kerry. And with our man Barack having his back, Kerry will most certainly derail Fox's nomination. I can't see someone engaged in what Kerry called "personal destruction" getting a paid vacation to western Europe.

Allez Jean Kerry!

Well, that didn't take long. . .

Democrats in the House and Senate are splintering over provisions to restrict war funding and re-visit the 2002 authorization. Bills may not get a debate outside of committee, much less a full vote. It only took a little under two months in power for the party of good to quit acting like it had a mandate and worry more about preserving its own status.

This is disgusting. Democrats were put in charge of the Congress because they FINALLY stood up to the President last year on Iraq. But now that they have the power, they still cower, like a party firmly in the minority. They are running scared, and the Republicans love it. While the Middle East burns and troops die and lose limbs, folks back home are afraid of their patriotism being questioned by Darth Vader and Puppet Boy.

There's nothing like winning the race and failing to get the prize. And the unwillingness to accept the mantle of power is disgraceful. It's times like this I think about joining the Green Party.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Avoid ring-kissing

Is there anything more disgusting than the GOP candidates' scurrying to kiss Christian Right rings to certify their contender bona fides? Watching Romney, McCain, and Giuliani gyrate to the music (Contemporary Christian, of course), makes me want to gag. McCain, in the last couple of weeks, has visited Seattle's Discovery Institute, the inaptly named think tank in Seattle, which promotes the creationist intelligent design theory (a theory also inaptly named). This, after visiting Pope Jerry the First at uncivil Liberty University last year.

I exhort our democratic candidates to refrain from kissing rings as much as they can. Don't rush to meet with folks who claim to represent large, diverse groups of people but only represent tiny, monolithic sects within the party (for every GOP Jerry, we have a Dem Jesse to match). Fortunately, we don't have a faction as noxious as the Christian Right, nor as fun (no meth-fueled romps in Denver hotels). But we do have the capacity to damage ourselves by pledging fealty to the more extreme individuals in the party.

Spoken by a true extremist, ironically enough.

And look who wins!

If we don't put up Obama, we'd better hope for Romney! Mitt happens. . .

Look Who's in the Lead. . .

You gotta love it! Barack is rockin' and Hillary's fading in her own back yard. Courtesy of Left in the OC. . .

October Surprise?

Looks like our old friend Al Gore is doing all the right things to prepare for his next presidential run. First, instead of putting out a book and jumping into the fray immediately, he's put out an award-winning documentary and played hard-to-get.

This seems to be his recipe for success:
1 Produce Academy Award-winning documentary
2 Abandon wooden image on talk-show/awards show circuit promoting said documentary
3 Coyly dodge press questions regarding 2008 race entry
4 Host series of Live Aid-style concerts to promote the fight against global climate change
5 Win Nobel Prize
6 Watch as other Dems engage in Tarantino-style Mexican standoff, which evolves into circular
firing squad
7 Enter the race as the last man standing
8 Ascend to the throne he rightfully won on his last try
9 Star as himself in Leo DiCaprio's directorial debut, Al

Check it out!

Check out the newest addition to the newest addition to the blogosphere: Left in the OC's Barack This Town. Througout the presidential campaign, we'll be tracking the whereabouts of this generation's rock star candidate, Barack Obama.

Too Close for Comfort

It's all over the news today that Vice President Darth Cheney was the object of a suicide bomber's misguided love last night in Afghanistan. The bomber was representin' for the Taliban, the former Middle-Eastern chart-toppers who are looking to make an Eddie Murphy-style comeback.

I wonder aloud how this brush with death, and not at his own hands (see---heart attack), will affect Cheney's negligence in Afghanistan in favor of overthrowing a government completely unrelated to 9/11. Will it affect the advice he gives to the Boy Prince, or will they continue quixotically on their heretofore "remarkable achievement" instead?

Holding my breath. . .

Monday, February 26, 2007

And it goes a little somethin' like this. . .

I'm creating Brain's Addiction to be a place to talk politics. All politics, great and small. World, national, state, local---whatever. We might even mix in a little soccer and music every now and then. But, being a Generation Xer, I might not get that far.

Welcome, and enjoy. Please help me get my fix.