Wednesday, May 9, 2007

More great polling for the Prez!

According to a USA Today/Gallup poll just released, a full 60% of Americans want to see a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. It's now confirmed that the President is warmongering against the wishes of a big majority of Americans. We can speculate no further. . .

Even more startlingly, the poll revealed a searing rejection of the "they'll follow us home" garbage that the Chimp and Penguin keep spewing at us. Only 22% (!!!!!!!!!!) buy the argument that our Iraqi occupation is preventing terrorist attacks on US soil.

Again, I say, who is this quarter of the country that seems to believe what these guys say, no matter what? All credibility they had when they entered office over six years ago is completely shot by all acceptable standards. The American people now see these guys for what they are: liars.

Impeach. Withdraw. Restore our country.

Obama 08


David said...

It is a very sad day...but, I think that W should follow in the footsteps of Tony Blair.

Brain said...

We need to impeach Cheney first. ..